VMG Telecoms has an extensive range of interconnects with Tier1 Carriers worldwide which enables us to deliver high quality calls to any destination in the world with high volumes and competitive rates. We actively seek direct interconnects with new partners and specialize in developing niche routes around the world.

Our Points of Presence throughout Europe, USA and Asia currently handle millions of minutes daily but we are always in high demand for direct routes to terminate our ever increasing amounts of traffic.

Our highly talented team of NOC Engineers are on hand 24/7 to support our partners with any technical issues and to ensure quick interconnection, preserve high quality calls and maintain network stability at all times. Our main goal is to maintain long term business relations with all partners and carriers irrelevant of size which is why our carefully selected Billing Team ensures secure punctual payments, precise invoicing and billing, helping all partners to manage their cashflow efficiently.

If you are interested in working with us as a partner, supplier or a customer, please contact


VMG Telecoms has interconnects with major SMS Aggregators and seeking contracts with major Mobile Network Operators which would enable the company to provide SMS Terminations to currently unreachable countries via SMS.

Main source of traffic is generated from bulk SMS Marketing of businesses and consumers using mobile phones, Web SMS, Email2SMS and vice versa.

We actively seek niche routes for countries currently unreachable via SMS to secure consumers on all major mobile networks globally through contracts with the operators which will generate a large amount of SMS traffic and revenue. If you are interested in becoming a partner, supplier or customer, please contact


Multiple interconnects with Tier1 Carriers globally enables VMG Telecoms to provide termination routes to any country in the world from A to Z via VoIP and TDM.

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VMG Telecoms offers a variety of Retail Telephony Services at impressively discounted rates, saving consumers and businesses a lot of money on their phone calls. Our Retail Telephony Services are designed around resellers and partners whom we work closely with to deliver high standards of service to residential consumers as well as businesses alike.

We provide a ready made platform with full technical support and an easy to use intuitive control panel where our partners and resellers can take full control of their services, concentrating solely on sales and marketing without having to worry about any technical problems, thus, enabling them to grow rapidly in the competitive retail telephony industry. The services we provide through our Retail Telephony Platform for partners and resellers are listed below:

  • International Calling Cards
  • Pinless International Calling Cards
  • PC2Phone (Softphone)
  • Premium Rate Number for International Calls
  • ANI/DID/PIN/WEB/SMS Callback
  • Residential VoIP (ATA) for ITSP
  • Mobile VoIP
  • Call Shop / Phone Booths
  • Premium Rate SMS for International Calls
  • Customized Web Portal for end users and online sales